Member Incentive Program

PWCEA Membership Rewards/Incentive Program

  1. Must be member on good standing w/ NAEA, AzSEA, & PWCEA (i.e. dues must be up to date)
  2. Does not expire, can rollover year to year
  3. Points can be retained for larger rewards
  4. Tracking will be done by Membership committee/board member. Members can request point report or points can be reviewed at monthly board meetings with member chair.
  5. Points can be earned for:
    1. Bringing new person to any function
    2. Member themselves participating at any PWCEA sponsored function/event
    3. Providing speaker for dinner/education meetings
    4. Attending board meeting
    5. Participating with Committees
    6. Being a member of the board (lpt/year)
    7. Donating items for events
    8. Teaching/Leading CPE courses
  6. Awards
    1. 1pt = $1
    2. Example: 20pts earned can be turned in for $20 Dinner Meeting Fees